In your research and development efforts, innovation is everything. Genomics can inform novel drug targets, separate responders from non-responders, identify likely sources of adverse events, and discover biomarkers.

Coral™ is a biomarker discovery technology based on the foundational Cypher Genomics’ Mantis™ platform. Through this service offering, the experts at Cypher Genomics will receive clinical and genomic data from pharmaceutical studies to identify a genomic marker of response to the investigational drug.

The highly accurate individual genome annotations provided by Mantis increase the statistical power of the genetic association methods by as much as 2x and are combined with statistical methods incorporated from the Scripps Translational Science Institute that collectively enable biomarker discovery studies with sample sizes in the 100s, reflecting the reality of many Phase II clinical trials.

We help you accelerate drug discovery while reducing your time to market and development expenses.