Our Technology

The Cypher Core is a proprietary interpretation database, which continues to grow and improve over time. Powered by a robust architecture that allows you to interpret 125 whole genomes per day with 90+ annotations provided for each of the relevant 3.2B base pairs in the genome, the Cypher Core provides the most accurate, rapid, and actionable information available.

True Whole Genome Interpretation

Perform whole genome interpretation with clinically relevant turnaround times without the need to purchase costly computational systems. The software accepts variant files generated from sequencing data as input to the annotation pipeline and is compatible with a variety of sequencing platforms and secondary analysis (i.e. alignment and variant calling) pipeline. Achieve the highest sensitivity and specificity.

20+ points of security protect your data

Your data security is our priority. Through secure architecture, distributed encryption, rigorous maintenance and around-the-clock onsite monitoring, we provide maximum security while granting you effortless access.

Secure Data

Access our products and services through controlled APIs for trusted partners or through our secure user interface. To ensure maximum security, authentication and authorization schemes and secure communication protocols are required throughout the application.

Physical Security

Datacenter access is limited to authorized personnel and enforced with biometric scans and 24/7 onsite security staff. Private and personal health information is stored on dedicated physical servers, not in a public cloud.

Network Security

Our complete cloud solution is behind a firewall and up-to-date with the most advanced anti-virus and threat detection software available. The system is scanned regularly for vulnerabilities, providing the first line of defense for data protection while intrusion prevention and detection systems constantly monitor your data.

Data Security

Our base architecture is designed to control sensitive data access and maintain HIPAA compliance. Distributed encryption and virtual tokens are used to protect any sensitive data, and isolated data stores reduce the risk of unauthorized patient data access.