Clinical Labs

Reaching an accurate molecular diagnosis can make all the difference to patients. Output from the Cypher Genomics system is a clinical summary to facilitate rapid genomic diagnosis or screening by clinical laboratories.

Mantis™ is the advanced genome interpretation software as a service product that provides clinical laboratories access to the Cypher Synthesis, a proprietary distillation of the annotation data down to a patient’s clinically relevant variants consistent with American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) guidelines.

The Cypher Synthesis has undergone extensive in silico validation testing for its accuracy (sensitivity 98%; specificity 94%) and is undergoing additional validation studies through an early access program with third party clinical data to demonstrate its clinical utility.

Mantis also includes a proprietary ranking algorithm to identify novel disease causative variants in idiopathic disease patients. This ranking algorithm has undergone in silico validation testing for its accuracy and is currently being validated in the IDIOM clinical study at the Scripps Translational Science Institute. The early results from the Mantis ranking algorithm are in dramatic contrast to the 20-25% diagnostic rate observed at the leading idiopathic disease sequencing programs. [Gahl et al., 2011: Young et al., 2013]

With the most comprehensive, expert-validated system, you can diagnose with confidence and accelerate the path to the best treatment for your patients.

The Complete Picture

View a convenient graphical representation of your analysis on our interactive web-based platform. Based on selected filter criteria, view the number of variants identified, as well as their location and classification. From each Cypher Ring, you can quickly and easily run additional filters and prioritization tools.

Actionable Answers

Flexible tools allow users to query the genome for a multitude of conditions, from neurodevelopmental disorders to oncology.

Dynamic Filters

Build your analysis from the ground up using our flexible Mantis Filter, a powerful approach for identifying relevant variants based on biology.

Cypher Benefits:

  • Greater accuracy results in better patient outcomes and diagnoses
  • Fine control of filter settings enables you to refine queries, yielding more relevant results
  • More than 4,500 curated phenotypes to drive your analysis
  • Faster interpretation shortens the time to diagnosis and quickens the path to patient therapy
  • Simple, automated clinical summary