09 Jun 2015

Cypher Genomics Appoints Catherine J. Mackey, Ph.D. to the Scientific Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO, June 9, 2015 — Cypher Genomics, Inc., the leading genome informatics company, today announced the appointment of Catherine J. “Kitty” Mackey, Ph.D. to Cypher’s scientific advisory board. Dr. Mackey is currently the chief executive officer of CYPrus Therapeutics, Inc. and was formerly the senior vice president of Worldwide Research and Development for Pfizer, Inc. and director of Pfizer La Jolla. Cypher provides rapid, automated, interpretation of human genome sequencing data for clinical trials, diagnostic development, population studies and disease gene identification.

“Accurate analysis of genomic data is critical to the effective development of new therapeutics,” said Dr. Mackey. “Cypher has developed a technology that can find clinically meaningful markers of response in human genome sequencing data, and I see tremendous opportunity for the company to expand its collaborations with pharma partners and ensure this technology is used to full advantage in the drug development space.”

Dr. Mackey is credited with leading Pfizer’s La Jolla Laboratories to become one of Pfizer’s most successful R&D sites.  With nearly a thousand people located on a one million square-foot campus, the team delivered a pipeline of more than two dozen compounds and yielded four key oncology drugs.

“With 33 years of experience in the life science industry, Dr. Mackey has a depth of experience in building innovative research and development teams, establishing strategic collaborations and developing and delivering important healthcare products,” said Adam Simpson, president and chief operating officer of Cypher Genomics.  “We look forward to her advice as we apply Cypher’s technology to advance the use of genomic information to improve biomarker discovery and target identification and deliver personalized medicines.”

Dr. Mackey spent the first part of her career in agricultural biotechnology. She held positions of increasing responsibility from bench scientist to vice president and head of R&D for DEKALB Genetics Corporation. She was member of DEKALB’s executive team which sold the company to Monsanto. After DEKALB, Dr. Mackey joined Pfizer to lead Genomic and Proteomic Sciences, which included biomarker and pharmacogenomics research. She then moved to lead Pfizer’s Strategic Alliances and was appointed senior vice president of Pfizer Global R&D and director of Pfizer La Jolla. Dr. Mackey serves on several boards to advance innovation in healthcare.

Dr. Mackey joins Cypher scientific advisory board members: Kelly Bethel, M.D., practicing hematopathologist in the Scripps Clinic Medical Group; Michael Hultner, Ph.D., chief scientist for Lockheed Martin’s Health and Life Sciences division; Myla Lai-Goldman, M.D., CEO and co-founder of GeneCentric Diagnostics; Arnold Levine, Ph.D., pioneering cancer research scientist and discoverer of p53 tumor suppressor protein; Diego Miralles, M.D., global head of Innovation, Janssen; Nicholas Schork, Ph.D., professor and director of Human Biology at the J. Craig Venter Institute and the head of Integrated Genomics at Human Longevity, Inc.

About Cypher Genomics
Cypher Genomics is a leading genome informatics company offering a highly accurate, rapid and robust interpretation software solution for users of human genome sequencing. The proprietary, automated genomic interpretation platform allows clinical laboratories to tune Cypher Genomics’ market leading sensitivity and specificity profiles to develop molecular tests for diagnostic and prognostic use and pharmaceutical companies to discover biomarkers from whole genome sequence data in sample sizes typical of early stage drug development studies. Through MantisTM, the genome interpretation software as a service offering, and CoralTM, a biomarker discovery service, Cypher Genomics can improve health care and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions. Cypher Genomics is located in San Diego, California.