Empowering Clinical Labs

Speed and accuracy are paramount when diagnosing patients. Mantis gives clinical labs access to the unmatched sensitivity and specificity profiles of Cypher Genomics interpretation technologies. Mantis helps users quickly zero in on variants of clinical relevance and avoid costly false positives.

This cloud based, software-as-a-service offering delivers a clear clinical grade summary for each analysis, to support the return of more accurate diagnostic reports by our partner laboratories.

Mantis is a robust and scalable solution built to support population genomics efforts. With Mantis, it is now possible to work with whole exome or genome data across large patient populations.

Mantis Benefits

More accurate and faster diagnoses

More effective treatments

Reduced therapeutic costs

Reduced burden on our healthcare system

Variant identification across large-scale genome studies

Technology Founded on Strong Science

Cypher Genomics intelligent filtering utilizes proprietary data sources along with precise prioritization tools that can be tuned for virtually any application.

Technology Founded on Strong Science



Clinical Reporting

Comprehensive annotation and interpretation for a variety of applications.

Genome Summary

High specificity automated whole genome summary returns high priority known or predicted pathogenic variants.

Phenotype-informed Genome Summary

Highly sensitive automated summary returns known or predicted pathogenic variants related to a specific phenotype of interest.

Copy Number Variant Summary

Automated summary classifies and returns all CNVs, highlighting known or predicted pathogenic CNVs.

Cancer Summary

Automated summary identifies and reports on clinical significance for likely somatic driver mutations.

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    March 19, 2015
    Automated Genomic Interpretation of Sub-Chromosomal Fetal Copy Number Variation by Sequencing Circulating Cell-Free DNA from Maternal Plasma
    March 18, 2015