Transforming Drug Development

The Coral Biomarker Discovery Service enables pharmaceutical companies to use genome sequencing with clinical data to develop more precise therapies, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Built on the foundation of Mantis’ highly accurate individual genome interpretation framework, Coral uses a unique set-based approach to identify drug response markers from among the millions of genetic variants in a study population.

Coral delivers answers, even within small sample sizes, reflecting the reality of many Phase II clinical trials. With the ability to look across the entire genome of each patient, Coral opens the door to novel biomarkers and drug targets.

Coral Benefits

Studies with smaller sample sizes

Novel drug target discovery

Faster drug development with lower costs

More precise therapies

Novel association discoveries

Overcoming the Signal-to-Noise Challenge in Biomarker Discovery

Signal-to-Noise Signal-to-Noise Signal-to-Noise Signal-to-Noise

Coral Key Features

Flexible Models

The Coral service supports multiple study designs ranging from Mendelian-disease based studies to large scale case-control association tests to support our partners in identification of novel targets, predictive biomarkers, or markers of serious adverse event risk.

Optional Cohort Selection

Proprietary algorithm selects the optimal set of individuals for a study of a given size prior to sequencing to save costs and increase the likelihood of success.

The Coral System

Coral offers end-to-end, state-of-the-art genetic association study including generation of prediction models with both phenotypic and genetic data.

Coral utilizes the highly accurate MantisTM annotation and interpretation platform to prioritize variants for genetic association testing and to enable discovery in limited sample sizes.