Strategic Collaborations

Cypher Genomics fosters partnerships and collaborations to improve healthcare and reduce costs by facilitating improved diagnostic accuracy and earlier interventions, optimizing therapeutic approaches and reducing adverse drug reactions.

Cypher Genomics and Celgene collaborate to apply Coral™ technology to discover genomic biomarkers associated with patient response to innovative medicines. The information generated will be used to accelerate patient access to the right medicine at the right time and inform new companion diagnostics.


Cypher Genomics has sole commercial rights to STSI’s Wellderly Cohort, comprising of 700+ genomes of healthy elderly patients, an ideal reference population for clinical and pharamcogenomic use.


Cypher Genomics and Illumina will jointly offer pharmaceutical companies, through Illumina’s sales force, a solution which includes Illumina’s market leading sequencing technology, the NextBio platform for data analytics and storage, and Cypher Genomics’ biomarker discovery service, called CoralTM.


Cypher Genomics and Sequenom will utilize Cypher’s genome interpretation technology, Mantis™, to advance analysis of clinically-relevant fetal sub-chromosomal variants detected in maternal blood and develop a next generation noninvasive prenatal test.