22 Jun 2015

Cypher is Proud to be a BeHEARD Technology Sponsor

This spring academic researchers, charitable foundations, and families affected by rare diseases submitted their proposals for the Rare Genomics Institute’s BeHEARD (Helping Empower and Accelerate Research Discoveries) science challenge. Their goal: to win access to leading-edge technologies to advance their research projects in rare diseases. Applicants were able to select the prize that would most benefit their studies, from a list that includes custom animal disease models, molecular biology tools, and data analysis software.

Cypher Genomics is proud to be a BeHEARD Ultimate Technology Sponsor. We’re offering up to 100 whole-genome sequence analyses or 200 exome panel analyses to the winning team. If the winning proposal doesn’t require all 100 or 200 analyses, we’ll divide the prize among multiple winners.

“We are committed to supporting rare disease research and we believe there are many fantastic researchers out there who could benefit from our experience identifying novel disease genes in previously unknown or misunderstood disorders,” said Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D., Cypher co-founder and chief executive officer. “All the winner will need to do is submit a variant file with their whole-genome or exome sequencing data, and Mantis™, – our interpretation platform with a user-friendly web interface – will help them find variations relevant to their research or clinical application.”

Research proposals are currently in review by the Rare Genomics Institute’s scientific advisors, as well as technology experts from Cypher and other sponsoring companies. We are looking for ideas that have great potential to advance research and find treatments for rare diseases as well as a realistic chance for success and a good fit with the available technology prizes. Once we’ve narrowed it down, final winners will be selected by Facebook voting (more info to come on how vote) and announced August 5, 2015.

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Rare diseases are defined as conditions that affect fewer than 200,000 Americans. The National Institutes of Health estimates there are approximately 6,800 rare diseases known, most of which are inherited genetic disorders. The Rare Genomics Institute helps families of affected children connect with researchers studying genomics and rare diseases. Through crowdfunding, the Rare Genomics Institute provides these unique teams with access to sophisticated technologies and resources to advance research and treatments.

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