Our Vision

As the cost of next-generation sequencing declines and the amount of data generated grows exponentially, today’s manual genome data interpretation processes are simply unsustainable. Cypher Genomics is uniquely positioned to provide automated genome interpretation at scale for clinical labs, pharmaceutical companies and population genomics efforts. With technologies to facilitate the development of differentiated molecular diagnostic tests and perform smarter drug discovery, Cypher is driving precision medicine forward.

Proven Technology and Leadership

Cypher Genomics provides automated human genome interpretation with clinical-grade accuracy using scalable cloud architecture to rapidly and comprehensively analyze genomic variants. Cypher is led by some of the world’s leading minds in big data, molecular diagnostics, genetics, medicine and drug development.


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Cypher Genomics is built upon talent. We are a dynamic and highly-motivated team capable of fusing multiple disciplines, including computer science, biostatistics, genetics and medicine. In all that we do, we strive to make whole genome, sequence-driven clinical practice and discovery a reality. If you are organized, driven and focused, have that special ability to adapt and learn in a rapidly changing technical and industrial environment, and are interested in working on the leading-edge of genomics and precision medicine, please contact us.

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