Revolutionizing Human Health through Genome Interpretation

Cypher Genomics is advancing genome informatics through a highly accurate, rapid and robust interpretation solution for use in human genome sequencing. Cypher’s technology combines deep expertise in genetics and biology with advanced data science to enable the development of differentiated molecular tests, discovery of novel biomarkers and automating population-scale interpretation.


Validated and Accurate

Expert analytical algorithms informed by biological principles, using rules-based interpretation. Fine-tuned over five years, Cypher achieves greater than 99% concordance with manual variant interpretation on average.

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Empowering Clinical Labs

Mantis™ gives clinical labs access to the unmatched sensitivity and specificity profiles of Cypher Genomics technologies, tuning out noise and false positives from genome data to quickly zero in on variants of clinical relevance.

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Smarter Drug Development

The Coral™ Biomarker Discovery Service enables companies to use genome data to develop more precise therapeutic targets or biomarker discovery, with smaller sample sizes at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

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Adhering to the Highest Industry Standards